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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"WHAT IS THAT? ohh..aahha it's muh phone x]"

AHHHHHHHHH! Today was so much fun :D OMG. well, let's see I first started off by going straight to the computer and watched old favorited vids of the jabbas x] OF COURSE. and I ACUTALLY came across a vid I have NEVER seen before and was AMAZED O.O I learned that PHIL :D can do freaking BBOY MOVES!!! I was like "NUH UH! O.O .. :D" so freaking ahhhh... and this little event prevented meh from getting ready on time for Cherifer to come to muh house x] So, I had to take a shower, get dressed, vacuum upstairs, and finish laundry within 30 minutes x] I didn't exactly finish on time... buht it was ohkay x] I haven't had a friend come over to muh house since the 6th grade ... and i'm a junior so, that's like 5 years ago ;p

So, once I show Cherifer muh room and stuffies ... we go on www.aniboom.com [thanks thao mee mee for telling meh about this website x] yooh guys should go on it too!] and took some ANIMATED PICTURES :D it was so funnn! then, we got ready to the recreation center by muh house ;] We walked, and it was SO FREAKING WINDY OMG. ahhahah the wind was practically blowing us off our feet x] It was funny. ahhaha and muh hat kept trying to fly away buht it was fun ;] It was hilarious when we would cross the street cuz we'd be scared that a car would come out of nowhere and hit us ;p

So we get to the recreation center and some strict person working there got all "YOOH NEED THIS AND YOOH NEED THAT. READ THE REGULATIONS BLAH BLAH BLAH" buht I was nice and did whatever she told meh to do. So, meh and cherifer went to the playground for like 10 seconds [ROFL] and decided that we should go play ping pong :D So we did ;] It was so much fun :D I got a PURPLE ping pong paddle x] ... PHIL :D ahah. Then, out of nowhere we started taking pictures, and cherifer has one of those PROFESSIONAL type cameras x] She takes amazing pictures! I lahhhhhb the pictures she takes. I swear, she should be a photographer ;] she's so creative. LOL! We wanted to take a picture of us on the ping pong table...and cherifer heard somebody come and quickly got uhp and messed uhp the picture hahahah it was hilarious x] After we finished uhp ping pong we decided to head back home ;]

THEN WE TOOK STREET PICTURES! :D We took alot of pictures infront of muh house and stuffies ;] AGAIN ... it was so funnn :D At one point, while we were in the street, I heard like a beeping... something that sounds like a car alarm when yooh lock it... and I kept looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from... aahhaha and it was actually coming from muh butt pockett from muh phone x] AHHAHAHAHH I'm not use to that ringtone cuz I always have muh phone on vibrate ;p it was funny ahhah. After that, meh and cherifer ate some chocolate covered popcorn and we played some monkeyball on the wii, then rockband then she had to leave ;[ IT WAS SO MUCH FUN THOUGH :DDD

So, I go on chatzy for a while and then I end uhp webcamming with Rhea&Adiing Kay :D LOL, it's hilarious when they're together. Just put a song on that they both know and then BOOM! .. ultimate lipsyncing duo. AHHAHAH, they're so good and they get SOOOO into it. It's AMAZING. AHHAHAH. We sang to:
"Lucky" - Britney Spears
"Torture" -RinontheRox
"She was Mine" -Aj Rafael&Jesse Barrera [Mark Mejia&AlbertPosis version x]]
"Bakit Pa Ba" -JayR
"Single" -NKOTB&Ne-yo
"Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" -From Lilo&Stitch

ROFL HAHHAHAHH it was so funny when we sang hawaiian roller coaster ride HAHAH, we couldn't say the hawaiian words OMG and when I tried saying the words it kept ending uhp being TAGALOG x] ahahh like "LAHALAHA" came out "HALOHALO" and "IKO" came out "IKAW" and "PAPA" came out "POP-EE" well the last one wasn't exactly tagalog, buht spanish x] ahhah close enough ;p


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