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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


WHOOOOOO! YAY! for another jabba dream x] ahhaha. it's funny cuz I actually had it during a nap o.O I didn't get to sleep alot last night so I slept/napped on the way to school this morning and surprisingly I dreamt about PHIL before I got to school haha :D PHIL came to muh house just to chill I guess, it was weird though cuz muh family was with meh while he was there. So muh parents, muh nephew, meh and PHIL were all in the kitchen. It was weird, cuz I would have been like ALONE with PHIL not like with muh family ahha, that would make it so awkward ;p Aha, PHIL kept smiling the ENTIRE time OMG. I was so happy x] He'd just be standing next to the table smiling :D And I tripped in front of him and he'd start giggling or chuckling OMG. SO FREAKING AHHHH.. it was such a great dream it felt like it went forever even though i'm pretty sure I slept for only ten minutes x] HEHHE. It's funny too cuz I always tend to trip in muh dreams with PHIL ;] haha.

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
16 Amazing
1 Horrible

LOL and today was so funny ahaha. I KEPT TRIPPING TODAY!! It first started in muh dream with PHIL which was really weird ... then I failed epic-ly by tripping in muh english class, then I tripped over muh backpack when I got home -___- ROFL it was funny though x] ahhaha.

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