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Sunday, April 12, 2009

"I miss the JabbaWockeeZ"

AHHHHHHHHH! I just had another jabba dream :D Mmk, well. A few days ago I came across the Movement's twitter... and it mentioned Rynan coming to the studio with Phil. So, I had a theory that Rynan was gonna sing for the Movement's new recordings. And I guess it set off a dream? x] ahahha I guess so. Well, muh dream started with meh having that theory and then I guess I found out where the Movement and Rynan were gonna be. So I went to the studio that they were recording their music for, buht it was really weird cuz their "studio" looked like those car dealership places x] like with the glass walls and everything. So, I remember going to the "studio" with a friend buht I don't remember who o.O ahha and then I was outside of a glass wall with the Movement and Rynan behind it with I think the Bangerz also ;] And there were only a few people there outside, I guess cuz not alot of people knew that they were gonna be there ... BUHT I KNEW! >;] ahha. So, I look/watch while they talk and then meh&phil caught each others eyes and he starts waving, smiling and pointing at meh :D HE REMEMBERED MEH! I was like freaking out cuz he remembered meh OMG. I wasn't even wearing muh jabbafamx3OG shirt x] Then, I started doing the JabbaFam sign and so did muh friend. OMG, and then Phil started doing the sign OMG, HE REMEMBERED TOO! ... BUHT HE DID IT WITH ONE HAND ! O.O I WAS LIKE ... "HOW DID HE DO THAT?" cuz it's like impossible. Yooh HAVE to use two hands in order to do the JabbaFam sign x] IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! Phil is just amazing... x] and that's all I remember from the dream ;p ahhaha I think I woke uhp ... or I just don't remember the rest ;p OMG BUHT THAT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING DREAM :D

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
15 Amazing ;]

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