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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


SB=Spring Break buht also SWAGGERBOY x] ahhah well, yesterdae was a good day I guess. I accomplished many things yesterdae during muh day off ;] I can't wait for what the rest of the week will bring :D LOL, yesterdae was fun. Meh and Mark kept trying to webcam buht nothing would work so we ended uhp using blogtv to webcam. It just gets annoying sometimes when random people go in there and tell yooh that your ugly and boring x] AHHA buht it's ohkay it was entertaining ;] Buht freaking Mark was sick so he ended uhp dying on his bed while I yelled at him to get uhp -____- LOL. I also told him that I was moving to a different state... and HE BELIEVED MEH! :D MUAHAH. I told him I was keeding, and then Vanessa came in to chat with us and I told her the same story except Mark believed meh AGAIN? After I just told him I was keeding x] WHOOOO... "you're a good actress" "I can't tell when you're joking" LOL. It was funny :D Then, I got to see ... WITTLE MATTHEW! :D Two times, buht he left cuz I was lagging on webcam. After that we stopped cuz I knew Mark was sick so we stopped blogtv ;] It was fun though ;p Aha, I ended uhp talking to Rhea on aim for a long time, just teasing her and making her happy x] I COULDN'T STOP SMILING IT WAS SO... THRILLING x] haha. So, then I just laid back and watched t.v. for a while and ate like a pregnant pig eating chocolate covered popcorn, and cleaned muh room and the house x] I didn't exactly finish yet, buht I will today ;] Then I watched a NEW EPISODE of House :D OMG, ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER! ;]

OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMOGM. THEN THIS MORNING... *breathes* Victor from Quest Crew messaged meh on myspace saying "thank you! -victor" :D When I didn't even message him x] Like, I said how amazing he is with his dancing, his singing and his beauty... in the MESSAGE thingy yellow box when yooh add a person :D ... buht I WAS SO EFFIN SURPRISED! I was like ... "OMG OMGOMGOMGOM :D" I'm happy x] hehehe. It's funny cuz this happened before buht with Pat Lam from SoReal Cru x] I said how amazing he is and stuff and then at the end I said I was so jealous in the add yellow box thingy and he ended uhp COMMENTING meh saying "what are you jealous of?" And then I responded that I was jealous of his dancing, and beauty x] buht yeaa ;p hahah.

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