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Friday, April 24, 2009

JabbaWockeeZ Perform with Daddy Yankee at the BLMA

[AHHHHH! I KNEW PHIL WAS THERE! x] hehhehehe.]

OHHH MANN.. I waited an hour and a half just to watch these masked men x] ahah. BUHT IT'S ALL WORTH IT! I wished they performed like a separate routine like they did with Ne-yo buht it's ohkay ;] as long as they PERFORM! :D I didn't understand half of what the hosts/people were saying, and they spelled JabbaWockeeZ wrong -__- they spelled it "Jabbawockies" D: I dunno if they made a mistake or that's how yooh spell it spanish x] hahha. YAYYYY! JABBAWOCKEEZ! ;]

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