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Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Senior Year

OMG first of all, i'm so freaking happy for susie because she just had the most amazing two days ever ... and i'm just glad that it happened to her! Buht anyways ... haha of course muh day started with the JabbaWockeeZ heheh. Buht anyways, it was so weird getting ready to go to school again haha. Once I got to school I went straight to muh locker [muh ugly located poopoo locker] buht ... once I got there, there was already a lock on it o.O I was like "are yooh freaking keeding meh right now?" cuz I was carrying a bunch of books so I had to go to the administration office to tell them that someone took muh locker LOL. The lady in charge started laughing because she knew that I had a bad locker HAHA. Seriously ... who would take muh locker? x] It was nice seeing everyone again :] Everyone looks so different and so much older! Haha.

Ceramics was muh first class of the day! AHH! I made a new friend hehe she's pretty dope :] Buht yeaaa, I like know ALOT of people in muh classes this time around... unlike last year LOL I was a freaking loner ROFL. Buht let's see tomorrow if it's the same thing as today :] Pre-cal was kinda boring ... LOL I already started to fall asleep cuz it was so boring. Buht I got to talk to people I don't usually talk to, which is pretty much what I want to do all year long :D Then freaking physics ... OMG I didn't know that I changed teachers because I didn't check muh schedule so I was like running around trying to find muh teacher ... and there was a teacher trying to help meh out to find muh class ... turns out, the teacher that was helping meh ... WAS MUH TEACHER LOL. Buht it's all good :]

AND WTF? CHRISSY? LOL that is NOT muh name ... HAHA I don't even look like a Chrissy LOL.

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