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Sunday, August 9, 2009


YESSS! Another jabba dream, haha x] Well, I guess I was living in downtown so basically I just walked to the places I wanted to go to and I think the JabbaWockeeZ were performing at one of the buildings here in downtown. I spot PHIL :D and another guy [who was in JabbaWockeeZ, buht he's not really a Jabba in real life LOL] who were in their Jabba attire except they didn't have their masks on. It was funny cuz they were wearing their old school original Jabba tees, the red stack tee :] haha. I saw PHIL :D and he saw meh and we hugged x] and then we started walking together HEHEHHEHEH. I guess we were walking to the place where the Jabbas were gonna perform. By the way, the other guy went somewhere else LOOLL I dunno where he went x] Buht anyways ... so i'm just walking in downtown talking with PHIL and then all of a sudden he like busts out with a like small makeuhp bag ... and i was like " o.O uhh... " and he takes out these chopsticks type things and starts cleaning his teeth with them o.O and I was fine with it [i guess] cuz I said "well, it's good that yooh always wanna be clean :D" ROFL WOW. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG by the way, the entire time PHIL is just smiling away OMGGGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! hahaha x] and that's pretty much all I can remember ... LOLLLL buht I dreamt about other stuff before PHIL cuz I guess I saved him for last hehhehe.

Buht to tell the rest of muh dream in a very quick manner ... SoRealCru was giving a workshop in downtown and I saw Brian Puspos and I told him that he's so much taller than the last time I saw him LOL and then this other girl from SoRealCru [who isn't REALLY in SoRealCru LOL] we started to talk and we became really good friends and she told meh to comment her on myspace so we talk and hangout and stuff :D LOL WEIRD. I DUNNO. I think I told her she was tall also ... o.O I DUNNO AHHAHAHA buht yeaaa that was the rest of muh dream x] PHIL'S part was better ... HEHEHHEHHEHE YAYYYY! :D

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
23 Amazing
1 Horrible

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