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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DANG! All about them JBWKZ&KNGDM!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I had another dream about the jabbas ... It's been awhile since i've last had one x] buht this time PC was there too! I don't know where Kilo was though :[ Well anyways ... soooo I guess I was meeting the guys at the gym and for some reason I brought muh mom along o.O LOL So when we were first got to the gym ... I see Joe! He looked at meh and recognized meh ... buht we didn't say anything to each other, and Joe thought meh and muh mom were going inside the gym already buht we weren't ... so he started talking to muh mom like casually. Talking normally like how yooh would to a stranger, and everytime Joe said something ... muh mom would go "HUH? o.O *with filipino accent*" LOL and after a while I was just like "Mom, he's just being nice. Bye Joe! :]" And then that's when Joe realized I was from JabbaFam LOL. Buht he was already inside the gym and I was already on muh way to meet the rest of the guys :D

I was telling muh mom that the guy she was talking to was Joe from the JabbaWockeeZ and she was like "OHHH!!" and then I pointed to the rest of the guys buht it was only 5 of them who were coming our way. So I was telling muh mom "those are some of the other JabbaWockeeZ over there :D" I think it was Ben, Phi, Kevin, Cris, and Phil and then PC. OMG PHIL. LOL Right when I saw him ... I like fast walked to him with muh arms reaching out [ROFL] all jumpy and smiley LOL And when PHIL saw meh... he started laughing and smiling like crazy and he gave meh a hug and was like "HAHA I remember yooh!" AND I WAS LIKE "YOOH DO? o.O" and he was like "haha, of course :D" OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I can never forget that SMILE and LAUGH OMGGGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL And then I saw PC and I was like "OMG! You're here! I've been wanting to meet yooh so bad!" And he looked at meh like he was shocked. He's just too modest and humble LOL I kept hitting PC's arm for some reason .... HAHAH. And there was this girl with PC ... I think she worked for KNGDM or something haha. PHIL told the girl to introduce herself to meh so we shook hands and she said her name was Elena. Buht Phil said to Elena "Yooh can do better than that! Introduce yourself again :]" and I told her muh name as well. It was weird LOL Phil told her to introduce herself like 4 times cuz apparently saying her name wasn't good enough HAHAHA.

So I was walking with the guys and I told them the incident that Joe had with muh mom and they laughed so freaking hard cuz of the way i said "HUH? o.O" with a filipino accent BAHAHAHA. And then we all went into the gym and then it got all weird after that and I don't really know what happened buht anyways ... THAT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING DREAM! :D YAYYYYYYYYYY! x] hehehehhehe. I think I dreamt about the gym because Kilo tweeted about the gym yesterdae LOL.

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
22 Amazing
1 Horrible

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