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Monday, August 10, 2009

Another One? x]

Dang, I've been having alot of Jabba dreams lately haha x] it's ohkay :D THEY MAKE MEH HAPPY! LOL Well, this one was kinda short cuz I had to wake uhp early and I kinda slept late ... LOL soooo I guess I was watching some show and I was in like a stadium type thing and two jabbas were sitting right in front of meh ... like I didn't know who they were though. From the back of their heads ... it looked weird ROFL. Like their heads were deformed or something ROFL WTF? Buht they're beautiful in real life so it doesn't matter HHAHAHAHHAH. So, I wanted to know which jabbas were sitting infront of meh so I tapped one person on the shoulder and it was RYNAN! :D and PHIL was right next to him ! :DDDD HEHEHEHHHE Right after I touched rynan he went "OMG! JABBAFAM TOUCHED MEH!" o.O and he reacted like how I would react if they would touch meh ... like crazy smiley and hyper and YAYY! :D HAHAHA I was laughing at him! x] ROFL and I was like "I can't wait 'til I get home x]" so I could tell jabbafam what happened LOL AHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH ohhhmann... that's it :[ LOL, it was a short dream buht it was so freaking amazing! :D HAHAHAH

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