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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ohhmannn, i had one of the bestest dreams ever last night! :D AHHHHHHHH! ohkay, well i think i was at another JabbaWockeeZ concert/performance and it was before the concert so I was just walking around the outside part of the arena. Then, all of a sudden Phil was walking around! I didn't get to talk to him, and it seemed like he was in a hurry to get ready for the show, so i said "bye phil!" :] ahah. He heard meh, and said "bye! ...?" buht he didn't know who said bye to him. So he tried looking around ahah and he couldn't find meh because there was a pillar between us, so i ran to the side he was on and was like "BYE PHIL! :D" Then out of nowhere he goes "HEYYY! You know what, I rememeber taking a picture with this one girl and i was carrying a bracelet and holding it up to the camera like this *pretends he's holding a bracelet*" OMG. I WAS LIKE OMG. HE REMEMBERS!! :DDD So i was like "OMG! OMG. OMG. OMG. YOOH REMEMBER?" "*chuckle* OF COURSE! :]" "Muh name is chrystal by the way" "OHH YEA! Now I remember :]" OMG SO FREAKING AMAZING! :D Then he had to go backstage and get ready.

This is the weird part of the dream ... well kinda. x] IT WAS FREAKING DOPE FOR MEH! :D The show was starting already which was weird ... cuz it was like 5 seconds later ahahha and the JabbaWcckeeZ were performing with the New Kids. The Jabbas were in front of the New Kids though, so yooh can only really see the jabbas :] I wanted a closer look so i like walking all the way to the right corner of the stage and screamed "AHHHHHHH!" and phil saw meh and smiled and pointed :D HEHEHE, then phil told the other guys and then the other jabbas smiled, pointed, and waved to meh :D OMG. BEST EVERRRRRR! x] and that's all I remember x] ahaha, if only this can happen in REAL LIFE :] I LAHHHHHHB YOOH JABBAWOCKEEZ!

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
19 Amazing
1 Horrible

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