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Sunday, May 10, 2009

SC3 Meet&Greet

OHHMANNN, that day was hectic. i'm just gonna post some quotes so I don't forget them. I'll expand on them later x]

"Do-Knock thanks so much for telling Kay, happy birthday. I didn't think yooh would actually do it :D"
"Oh yeaa, of course! No problem :]"

"WAIT! I didn't sign your sock yet! SOCK? o.O"

"Heyyyyy remember when we sang happy birthday to this girl? At the ... armory ... or something?"
"HUH? WE DID? REALLY? Ohh.. haha"
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOH! *points to camera*"

"One more, one more!"

"*mouths out* MIKEY! SHE NEEDS TO TELL YOOH SOMETHING! SHE LOVES YOOH! *points to yvonne*" hehehe.

"*waves at do-knock from outside the window*"
"*waves back*"
"*does the jabbafam sign*"
"*attempts at doing it and FAILS*"

"yooh guys are from jabbafam?"
"how do yooh do the sign again? :]"
"*does the jabbafam sign*"

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