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Sunday, May 24, 2009


AHHHHH! Another amazing jabbawockeez dream! Well, I think I was at an awards show. I THINK it was the MTV Music Awards and the JabbaWockeeZ were there :] I guess I was tagging along with them, like I was allowed to be with them and everything :D There were no BOUNDARIES between meh and the jabbas hehe. Well, the JabbaWockeeZ were obviously there to perform buht there was another reason why they were there. MTV had a special award in honor of the JabbaWockeeZ. An award going to dancers that helped inspire the world for that year. And of course, the JabbaWockeeZ received the award first! And the Jabbas had NO IDEA this was going to happen, and then all of sudden the ENTIRE arena started chanting "JABBA! JABBA! JABBA!" and screaming like crazy! I was so proud of them, and they were just so shocked :D I think I remember some of them like tearing uhp x] AWHHH! I hope this will actually happen in real life aha :]

JabbaWockeeZ Dream Count:
18 Amazing
1 Horrible

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