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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tila Tequila? o.O

OMG I JUST HAD A JABBA DREAM LOLLL. i haven't blogged about one in forever! x] this one is crazyyy though hahahha. ohkay, so i think i was at this hotel ... and at the bottom of the hotel there was a club. Buht, i was trying to go upstairs because i was tired? haha actually i have no idea. ANYWAYS ... so i head for the elevator so i can go upstairs and right when i get to the elevators i see Rynan just staring off into space, sitting down on his luggage with two kids on his lap: a girl and a boy. And the thing is ... the boy looked EXACTLY like Rynan LOLLLL! Like the boy was a mini-me of Rynan HAHAHHAHAHA The elevator was already closing and i was like "WAIT! NO! D:" and then the elevator opened x] I was like "RYNAN! :D" and for some reason i was wearing muh jabbafam shirt .. and i like pointed at it ... WTF LOLLL. Anyways, he was like "HEY! :]" and i was like "OHH! is this your son?" and he was like "yeaa, his mommy is Tila Tequila" ..... o.O HUH? LOLLLL in muh head i was like "aren't yooh married to belle?" buht i guess in this dreamm... he was married to Tila Tequila x] WEIRD. I KNOW. really retarded too.. like seriously? why Tila? LOLL HAHHAHA. Buht anyways ... i guess Rynan was really tired [due to his staring off into space thing] so he wanted to sleep cuz i think he just got back from doing some shows and stuff. So i guess he wanted to sleep in muh hotel room? o.O it was weird cuz there was only ONE bed ... and muh mommy was already sleeping there ... buht he slept there anyways o.O and got Tila to sleep in it too o.O WEIRD AND YUCKY I KNOW. and that's all i remember ... the other stuff is just weird and not relative to Jabbas HAHAHAHHAH buht yeaaaa O.O IT WAS WEIRD. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHH.

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