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Saturday, September 5, 2009


OMGGGGGGGGG. I had such an amazing day today it was freaking ... AHHHHHHHHHHH! Ohkay first of all, muh friend got to go to Eddie and Saso's moving sale and got meh some stuff! :D AHHHHHHHH! i couldn't go cuz of muh mommy, buht it's ohkay :] OMGGG, muh friend got meh a shirt and three hats OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGM. LOL AND I THINK THEY WERE ALL SASO'S STUFF OMGOGMOMGOG LOL. I won't tell like EVERYTHING that happened buht only like the OMGOGOMMOGOM parts :D ohkay so basically muh friend got to go to Eddie and Saso's place without meh cuz i couldn't go -___- buht that's ohkay hahah. OMG, Saso was kinda curious of how muh friend found out about the sale and so Saso asked muh friend:

SASO: "So how'd yooh find out about this?"
FRIEND: "OH, haha yooh know chrystal?"
SASO: "Yea, i know chrystal :]" OMGOMGMOGOGMGMGOGM
FRIEND: "Yea, she told meh about it"
And then he asked why I couldn't come and then she told him. Then, I called muh friend and then I got to talk to freaking SASO OMGOGOGOMOMG.
MEH: "Hello? Saso? :D"
SASO: "Ayy, why aren't yooh here?"
MEH: "cuz I couldn't, muh friends went without meh [LOL, i dunno why i said that]"
SASO: "awhh, ask your friend to get yooh some stuff"
MEH: "what do yooh have? :D"
SASO: "we got a sh*t load of stuff [LOL] like hats, shirts, ..."
SASO: "yeaa! ummm wait here ask your friend" LOLLLLLL OMGGGGG and the entire time I was talking to Saso I had like muh phone in one hand and then muh ice cream cone in the other hand freaking running around in muh room cuz I was FREAKING OUT. Then muh friend said that Eddie was there and I asked muh friend to say hi to him and I heard Eddie go "HI CHRYSTALLLL!!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :D Yeaaa... that's basically what happened x] hehehhehehh.

Anyways, also ... I was at church and muh friend texted meh saying "SOMEONE put you on their blog" and i was thinking ... "who would put meh on their blog? o.O" LOL. AND THEN OMGOMGOMGOMGGO I checked twitter and PC posted to watch the video on their new post on their website... AND IT WAS MEH WHEN I WAS FREAKING OUT WHEN I GOT THE MOVEMENT'S MIXTAPE!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! OMGOMGOMGOMGGMOOMGGO and the thing is ... PC put "A friend sent me the link..." LOLLLL I'M THE ONE WHO SENT HIM THAT LINK! so... i'm his friend? :D AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! LOL. yeaaaa, pretty much x] HEHEHEHEHHEHEHHEH.

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